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About Haidee

Your friendly qualified nutritionist in Bristol

I believe that being healthier, happier, and stronger against whatever life throws our way involves;

  • Nourishing our body with real unprocessed foods
  • Prioritising time for resting and recharging
  • Moving as our bodies are built to, and
  • Building positive daily habits

After years of studying and experiencing first hand the transformative and healing effects of consuming nutrient dense wholefoods, that we have evolved to eat, my knowledge and passion in this area has grown.  So to has my interest and love of fitness and sports nutrition, and the positive impact keeping active and strong plays in my own and others lives.

But before I became fascinated with nutritional science and performance, I was first a lover of all things food; shopping and cooking, feeding and (of course) eating.

It is this combination that drives me in what I do; from teaching holistic nutrition, to recipe development using foods that work FOR US, not against us.

I want to get you excited about how amazing the foods that your body is meant to thrive on, can make you feel and perform in all aspects of life, with practical and sustainable ways of building them into a more fulfilling and energetic life.


DipION – Studied for 3 years at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) in Nutritional Therapy and trained in their teaching clinic (2013-2016)

BA (Hons) degree in Educational Studies & Psychology (2009-2012)

Specialties/ Areas of interest

Gut health & gut healing plans

Therapeutic ketogenic diets

Real food nutrition for sports performance

Healthy habits & happiness

we are all responsible for our own health, I provide you with the knowledge & tools to take charge of yours

I aim to educate and help you understand how food should work in your body and empower you to make choices that provide optimal, nutrient dense fuel for feeling and looking well.

We have the power to support our body in the incredible and complex functions taking place every second to allow us to survive and thrive. The lifestyle and dietary choices we make can work with these processes to keep us in balance, perform optimally and reap the reward of a healthy, happy, energetic life. Equally poor choices can burden the body, cause imbalances, and a decline in health.

I love working with clients to uncover the root cause of symptoms, identify nutritional imbalances, and overcome challenges to reach their health and wellness goals. With this individualized approach I can support clients with a range of conditions including; diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS, skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis, thyroid problems, food sensitivities, anxiety and depression, arthritis, and hormonal imbalances.

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