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Collagen Maca Blended Coffee

Collagen Maca Coffee
4 April 2018 Haidee Harvey-Brown
In Recipes

Collagen Maca Coffee!


Thought I should share a recipe that is often plastered over my insta stories on an early(ish) morning…my creamy energy boosting coffee concoction! Or my own personalised take on a bulletproof coffee.


If you haven’t heard of bulletproof coffee it is essentially coffee (duh) blended with healthy fats, the original was 1-2 tbsp coconut oil and grass fed butter, but you can really experiment and customize the types and amounts of healthy fats you use; coconut butter, cacao butter, MCT oil, cream or coconut cream for example, to make your own super creamy and delicious latte like cuppa!


It does sound crazy when first hearing it and something I definitely knocked before I tried. Then too curious I tried it anyway, and it was actually awesome, but not quite good enough…..and never one to simply follow a recipe and leave it at that I of course have a customised version! 😉


3 things that regularly make an appearance in my mornings are collagen protein powder, maca powder, and good coffee….so I’ve since whacked them together with some healthy fats to put a giant spring in my step, or at the least get me through a good workout or work shift!


Maca powder is an adaptogen (In short meaning it can help the body respond/adapt to stress), derived from a root, which is said to support balanced hormones and provide an energy boost. Though I’m not sure if it has benefited me in this way (I began using it along with a few other supplements and dietary changes to work on hormone balancing a while back so it’s difficult to say if this contributed largely or at all), it is high in………so something I am happy to keep including.


Collagen on the other hand I can safely say has given me some noticeable health benefits that I am enjoying shouting about more and more these days! Ever since using hydrolysed collagen powder in coffees, shakes or smoothies, my hair and nails are growing faster and looking the healthiest they have done for pretty much my whole adult life. I started taking it for gut health as it can be a very helpful, healing supplement, as well as supporting joints, hair, nails, skin……being the most abundant protein in our bodies in can have a positive effect in many awesome ways. I also prefer to get some protein in with meals and snacks so this gives the usual blended coffee a small protein boost which is especially favourable on days where I’m training during the morning.


For my recipe I go for the coconut oil and butter combo for a few reasons; I like the taste very much, it’s a cheaper option than other sources such as MCT oil, these are staples that are always in my kitchen. Butter is also quite an underrated source of nutrients, so long as you get a good quality ‘grass fed’ brand such as Kerry Gold or Yeo valley, providing vitamin D, E, K and calcium….think of nutrients we usually associate with organic milk but more concentrated (and as most of these are fat soluble vitamins so you wouldn’t get anywhere near as much from a low fat version of dairy)



  • 1-2 cups black coffee
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp collagen hydrolysate
  • ½ tsp Maca powder (have sometimes done a full tsp but its takes over the flavour a bit too much)
  • Optional; Cinnamon to taste – a lot in my case!



Combine all ingredients in a blender for just a few seconds until it is transformed from a weird looking concoction to a super creamy frothy cuppa….kinda like a latte. I have a nutri ninja and only need to use the low setting for around 5 seconds but time will vary depending on how powerful the blender is.


*this is not a recipe that can just be mixed in with a fork/spoon/balloon whisk….it needs a bit of force to emulsify the fats into the liquid!


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