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Homemade Ginger Shots

Homemade Ginger Shots
31 March 2020 Haidee Harvey-Brown
Instead of visiting the juice bar why not add ginger and lemon to your next shopping order or trip and save this post for a quick spicy recipe.
Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, largely thanks to a substance called ‘gingerol’, that is what also gives it that punchy taste and smell.As well as helping with nausea and stomach cramps, it has also been found to support the body’s immune response to viruses so a great addition to your diet for resilience against colds and flu. Lemon is also a great source of vitamin C – a key nutrient involved in immune function.
(I also wrote a summary on nutrients for immunity here)
Ginger keeps well or you could even freeze these in ice cube trays if you wanted to make a batch ahead of time, to make them last longer and add to smoothies, juices, or add hot water to make a tea. I’ve just been shooting it back straight and making a face most days. Though I did enjoy it in yesterday’s post workout smoothie with some pineapple chunks, half a banana, and my protein powder.
If you have a juicer more power to you and crack on (though I don’t envy the clean up that can come from some!), if like me you do not this is my blend and strain method;

All you need is;

A couple of chunks of ginger – this was around 80g you can see me holding in the image below, 1 lemon (you can cut the skin off a throw it in or simply half and squeeze in the juice), and 1/2 cup of water.
Add the above to a blender until no lumps then strain (note: depending on your blender don’t expect a smooth consistency like a regular smoothie though). You can pour into a jug through a nut milk bag, or just an old clean tea towel, or as I did here – push through a fine sieve. I also included a pic to show how much I got so feel free to double/triple up amounts to have some for a few days – I used this for 3 big shots worth. Generally I prefer using the nut milk bag but the sieve did end up working just fine.
If you want to make it less fiery add an apple or orange too which takes the edge off



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